Do You Trust Your A/C Repairman?

The trend lately with training air conditioning technicians has been to equip them in the art of selling new systems, and not just the basic system–but also the most expensive units available. They are currently being trained on how to convince YOU, the consumer, to invest thousands of dollars into replacing your older unit now and enjoying lower electric bills, with the added security of a parts and labor warranty.

In reality, quite often there is nothing majorly wrong with your current unit. But you are lead to believe that your problem is MAJOR, or it requires you to act immediately, otherwise you will suffer the consequences of not acting soon enough. Some consumers are lied to by their repairmen, who tell them that their unit uses the old Freon, therefore they need to replace it with a unit that uses the new Freon. Often, these technicians/salesman are even paid commission, so they have a vested interest in trying to coerce you to spend thousands on a new system.

Truth is, a newer system will quite possibly lower your electric bill and it will come with a warranty, but it may take you 10 to 15 years of running your new unit just to recoup your initial investment. If you had known this in the beginning would you still have invested all that money on the highest efficient unit out there or would you have liked to have had options?

Some warning signs to look for:

  1. Does the repairman look professional, trustworthy, and competent?
  2. When you ask questions, are you getting a direct answer or the runaround?
  3. Have you been offered the option to repair your unit, or were you told it was finished?
  4. Have you been told that the company you are currently using is top-in-sales or number 1 in their district, etc.?
  5. Does the cost they give you to repair your unit seem very close to the price they give you to replace your unit?

If you have any doubt or concerns, you should contact a different company and get free advice pertaining to your situation. Click here to contact Darryl Labiche A/C, repair technicians you can trust.

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