3 Must Ask Questions For Your Heating Technician Before Service Begins

When you must have a service done on your heating unit, there are a few questions you need to remember to ask your technician. These questions can help you feel comfortable with who is coming into your home. It can also give you peace of mind when it comes to your heating service. Don’t be caught unaware. Ask questions! These are three questions you must ask before service begins.

Background And Employee Screening

If you are working with a new technician and company ask about their screening processes. These people are coming into your home while your family is there and you want to feel safe with who is working on your unit. Do not be afraid to ask your company how they select their employees, what testing they go through and how long they have been doing this. It is okay to ask. Safety is your number one priority and you want to know you can trust your company.



Ask your technician if they give you the price estimate before repairing your unit if needed. You do not want your technician to assume you want to take their word for it. Ask them about their estimate processes and how they work when it is a big repair that needs to be done. You want to rest easy knowing that you will not be facing a huge repair bill before you know it is coming.

Contract Guarantees

Ask your company and technicians about the guarantees that come with their work. Many companies have a money back guarantee while others do not. Make sure that you have talked with your company about what type of guarantee that you will receive with their work. You want to know that you have a safety net if something they did does not work or doesn’t fix your problem. Be sure you understand all the fine print with their guarantees before the work starts.

These are just a few of the questions you should be sure to ask when a technician is coming to work on your heating system. You want to know what is going on, who is coming out and how their process works. Remember not to be afraid to ask questions. You are the key to your safety and great quality service. Make sure you understand everything going on. If you do not then ask away! Any reputable company should not have problems answering all your questions.

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